"50 Yuan Jian Ware Cup Poisonous? Can Quality Jian Ware Be Cheap?"

With the increasing popularity of Jian ware in recent years, the prices of Jian ware vary greatly. In fact, the price range of Jian ware is generally between several hundred to several thousand yuan. For beginners who like Jian ware, searching for Jian ware on various shopping websites can yield a variety of styles and colors with varying prices. Some websites even offer brightly colored Jian ware at a low price. Some people say that cheap Jian ware contains many chemicals and is toxic, and should not be purchased. Is this true? Can "good quality and low price" Jian ware not be bought? Let's find out more below!

Newcomers to Jian ware may not have a complete understanding of it, and the oversaturated external information can make it even more confusing. They may not understand why Jian ware is different from other ceramics, with beautiful pieces selling at low prices while unattractive pieces are surprisingly expensive. Because producing Jian ware is not easy, producing high-quality Jian ware is even more difficult. Have you ever considered the cost of the piles of flawed Jian ware that are discarded, the cost of storage, company operations, or logistics? When all these costs are added up, the price of Jian ware is definitely not cheap.

However, often the more beautiful something is, the more dangerous it can be. This is not to say that Jian ware is not beautiful. Some Jian ware that have undergone kiln transformation are very beautiful in terms of color and texture. Often, such perfect Jian ware are rare treasures, and their prices are not as cheap as those sold online. Why are some Jian ware sold online so cheap and yet look so good? The principle of "you get what you pay for" is not just talk. In order to reduce production costs, some people make small changes to the process of making Jian ware from the very beginning.

Some manufacturers add blended clay or kaolin to the raw materials to reduce production costs and increase the yield of finished products. This results in a clay body that has a fine and delicate texture instead of a coarse one. Moreover, the firing temperature is lowered during production to increase the yield of finished products.

Every high-quality Jian ware is hand-pulled, while some cheaper ones are made using a molding process to reduce labor costs. However, this method lacks the handcrafted charm that makes Jian ware unique. As a result, the special characteristics of Jian ware cannot be fully expressed.

Jian ware made in the traditional way requires the original glaze material to undergo natural kiln transformation at high temperatures to achieve the desired color. This requires a high level of temperature control, and the iron elements in the glaze undergo intense oxidation at high temperatures, resulting in different colors.

The raw materials used in high-quality Jian ware all come from the Jianyang area, where the soil is rich in iron elements. When used, it can continuously release divalent iron ions, which can adsorb chloride ions in water, making it easy for the human body to absorb. This enhances the carrier of hemoglobin and the executive function of red blood cells in the human body.

Long-term use of Jian ware can help prevent anemia and high blood pressure, regulate the central nervous system, and have a soothing effect. When used in combination with an iron tea kettle, it can also help balance the endocrine system and have a sterilizing effect.


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