$34.99 $49.99
【Diameter】: 7.6 CM
【Depth】: 5 CM
【Volume】: 100 ml

The Tenmoku tea cup is well-known in Western and Japan for its superior and handmade cups and teapots. 100% food-safe. Behind every teaware lies a different and unique story. Each cup is made with love and passion, and our artists pay special attention to every detail, making your tea drinking routine more enjoyable than ever.

Due to the high iron content in our teaware, you should keep in mind that you must not put it in the microwave.

High firing temperature (around 1300 Celcius), strong reduction, high iron content and crystallization pattern all make the failure rate of Jian Zhan is high. Such an even and nice glaze Jian Zhan is very rare.

Notice: Due to the transmutation in kiln, the pattern on each Jianzhan tea cup will be slightly difefferent. Therefore, every Jian zhan is unique and special, but it will be remained generally the same.

Many people say that no matter the liquor, water or coffee, will all become more mellow and delicious when they are in a Jian Zhan tea cup. That is because the special functional design of Jian Zhan for its iron content, sand content, as well as the thickness of the cup embryo and glaze. Therefore, using Jian Zhan to drink tea, it can help to preserve the heat for a long time and to improve the alkalinity in the tea liquid, so that to ensure the taste of tea, and also stimulate and enhance the aroma of the tea.


Jian Zhan’s glaze contains chemical components such as silica, alumina, ferric oxide and calcium oxide. Therefore, the high iron content in Jian Zhan can continuously release divalent iron ions during use, and also absorb the chloride ions in water. So they can be easily absorbed by the human body, thereby increasing the function of hemoglobin carrier and red blood cells. Therefore, drinking tea with Jian Zhan can help to prevent anemia, high blood pressure, regulate the central nervous system of the human body to achieve a soothing effect. In addition, it is also effective in balancing endocrine systems, which can adsorb bacteria and reverse the inhibition of the enzyme activity on which the bacteria depend, and achieve sterilization effect.

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