A Jianzhan brings seven moods and ten habits to people.

In the Song dynasty, everyone loved Jianzhan, from the rulers of the country to the common people, literati, and scholars. Jianzhan could be used in elegant settings and also in everyday life.

The Song dynasty was a high point in the history of ceramic art in China, and the Song people preferred monochrome glazed porcelain.

The black-glazed cups produced by the Jian kiln stood out among all the tea cups and became the darling of tea utensils in the Song dynasty.

10 habits of people who love tea and Jianzhan.
  1. Good tea naturally needs to be paired with a good cup, and tea and cups complement each other.
  2. With tea and cups, life is complete. One can enjoy tea alone and savor it until the end of time. With eyes closed and opened, a day has passed, feeling content and wondering where the time has gone.
  3. When drinking good tea, one doesn't even notice taking a sip, but then a sense of excitement and satisfaction arises, "Good tea!" At that moment, all adjectives are forgotten, and two simple words summarize everything.
  4. People who love Jianzhan have a set of standards for brewing tea, which includes warming the cup (essential), adding tea and water, smelling the fragrance, tasting the tea, and admiring the cup.
  5. Wherever they go, they can't do without tea, carrying their own cup to taste tea from all over and using different types of tea to nourish and cultivate their cup.
  6. People who love Jianzhan generally do not drink tea made from tea bags and pay attention to the quality of tea.
  7. When tasting tea, they focus on the tea itself and can forget everything around them, completely absorbed in the tea.
  8. People who love Jianzhan may not necessarily keep small pets, but they always keep a delicate tea pet on the tea table, accompanying them during tea time.
  9. When drinking tea, chatting with good friends can make time fly by quickly on the tea table.
  10. Having developed the habit of an elegant lifestyle of tasting tea and cultivating their cups, they have lost their desire for carbonated drinks and their health has improved.

Jianzhan makes the tea soup softer and smoother, preventing it from becoming cold or deteriorating after a pleasant conversation with friends.

What brings the greatest joy to the owner of a Jianzhan is when the cup develops a colorful patina over time.

Under the sunlight, the changing colors of the cup shine brightly, reminiscent of the beauty of the peach blossom. Enjoying tea and cultivating one's health, nurturing the cup, and nurturing the spirit.

The central moods obtained from tasting tea with Jianzhan.

  1. Cultural mindfulness.

        As an excellent tea utensil, Jianzhan has been praised by literati and poets, who have composed many poems about it. Even the Northern Song dynasty emperor, Song Huizong, was obsessed with Jianzhan and constantly studied tea and cups, eventually writing "Da Guan Cha Lun" (The Classic of Tea). When using Jianzhan to taste tea, can you hear the words of ancient literati? Appreciating the culture of Jianzhan is a way to communicate with our predecessors.

  1. Historical mindfulness.

When drinking tea and admiring Jianzhan with friends who understand it, we can always chat about the history of Jianzhan. Talking about the past of these Jianzhan cups adds a few more degrees of love and identification for Jianzhan.

  1. Collecting mindfulness.

Starting with Jianzhan, discovering its beauty and value, and finally becoming attached to it, collecting it just for the sake of liking it, nurturing and collecting Jianzhan to find a pleasure in life.

  1. Investment mindfulness.

The value of Jianzhan is increasingly recognized by people, with high appreciation potential for quality cups, and old cups are even rarer resources. Jianzhan is a good category for investment.

  1. Familial mindfulness.

Through the bond of Jianzhan, meeting like-minded friends who share the same interest in tea, treating each other with the heart of confidants and the affection of family.

  1. Painful mindfulness.

Loving Jianzhan but unable to collect it, sometimes the price cannot be negotiated or the desired cup is taken by someone else, causing inner feelings of regret and pain for a period of time.

  1. Tea ceremony mindfulness.

Loving tea and Jianzhan, immersing oneself in it, over time, one will inevitably gain a lot of knowledge and understanding about tea and cups. The tea ceremony becomes increasingly profound with each time of brewing tea and using Jianzhan.

To be able to experience these seven moods, one must be a senior Jianzhan enthusiast.

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