Choosing a Jianzhan teacup, only these few points matter!

Jianzhan, now gradually becoming well-known among tea lovers, is almost known by anyone who loves drinking tea.

If you have a good Jianzhan teacup, tea merchants will serve you with their best tea, and they will assume that you are a professional;

 If you have a good Jianzhan teacup, you will have a stronger presence at tea parties, instantly elevating your style;

If you have a good Jianzhan teacup, even at tea expos, you may receive more samples to taste than others!


When choosing a Jianzhan teacup, do you prioritize "quality" or "affordability"?

We often say that regardless of its collectible value, Jianzhan teacup is first and foremost a tea ware, and tea ware should be practical and functional. It's true that we feel happy when we pay for a "affordable" teacup, but there will not be a single moment of happiness while using it after receiving the teacup. Not all "affordable" teacups are bad, but the cost of making a Jianzhan teacup is there, and there is a reason why the price is low, which one can imagine on their own.

On the other hand, "quality" teacups are the opposite. They are generally priced higher, and we may feel a bit reluctant to pay for them, but when we receive the teacup, and during every day of use, we feel great. The more we look at it, the more we like it, and we naturally feel that the price is worth it.

A good Jianzhan teacup is expensive because it is good, hence the high price. The value of Jianzhan teacup lies in its quality, and the reason why we choose and fall in love with Jianzhan teacup is because of our taste.

When choosing a Jianzhan teacup, what's most important is to choose the one you like the most!

The key to choosing a Jianzhan teacup is also the most casual, and we have to mention it, which is aesthetics. Even if a Jianzhan teacup is a masterpiece and praised to the skies, if you don't like it, it's just a cup and has no other meaning.

The so-called "aesthetics of Jianzhan" is when you feel happy after looking at it, the more you look at it, the happier you feel and you believe that this Jianzhan teacup is tailored for you. In this case, just go ahead and buy it, after all, "good things" are hard to come by, and you cannot buy happiness with money. Nowadays, there is a joking phrase on the internet, "the person you like may not like you, but the thing you like, once you buy it with money, it is yours." This is not to encourage everyone to consume, but just to say that aesthetics is indeed hard to come by.

Everyone's aesthetics are different. Tea has the spirit of inclusiveness, and when we meet at a tea gathering, we should not "judge" other people's Jianzhan teacups, especially those that they carry with them. Their happiness may not be understood by us, and that's okay. Let it be, let it be.

Therefore, to sum up when choosing a Jianzhan teacup, in one sentence, what's most important is to choose the one you like the most!

 When choosing a Jianzhan teacup, having an open mind is important!

After confirming that a teacup is an authentic Jianzhan teacup, the next step is to carefully observe it and identify whether there are any flaws. Although in the Jianzhan industry, defective products are not allowed to enter the market and must be destroyed on-site, there may be some that accidentally leak out. If one buys a defective product at a normal price, the feeling can be imagined. However, the craftsmanship of Jianzhan teacup determines that some defects that may be considered flaws in other ceramics are not considered flaws in Jianzhan teacups. At this point, it becomes particularly important to distinguish which are the flaws in Jianzhan teacups and which are common phenomena in Jianzhan teacups.


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