Experiencing these three stages is what makes one an expert.

Tea bowl appreciation is all about a feeling. Along the journey of appreciating tea bowls, from being a novice to mastering the craft, there are many levels of appreciation for Jianzhan tea bowls.

Each level represents a state in the journey, which level are you at?

Level One: Wanting to experience the feeling of owning a Jianzhan tea bowl.

Perhaps it was seeing a Jianzhan tea bowl that caught your eye at a friend's house, reading about Jianzhan in an article, or receiving one as a gift from someone else...

One day, you began to feel the desire to own a Jianzhan tea bowl. You started searching for information and wanting to learn more about Jianzhan.

Gradually, you developed a preliminary ability to judge the materials and firing techniques used in Jianzhan tea bowls. The machine-molded tea bowls that you used to buy for only a couple of hundred yuan have been cast aside as you search for better quality Jianzhan tea bowls.

Due to different preferences, some people like Jianzhan tea bowls with tied mouths, while others prefer those with open mouths. Some prefer tea bowls with rabbit fur patterns, while others like those with oil spot designs. During this period, you may also collect some tea bowls that you personally like, regardless of others' opinions. Prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand yuan, depending on each individual's economic situation. However, regardless of the price, you will use your best tea leaves to enjoy the tea with the tea bowl, and even become attached to it.

Level Two: The feeling of not being able to buy any more Jianzhan tea bowls.

At this point, you have a more accurate judgment of the materials and firing techniques used in Jianzhan tea bowls. You want to acquire a truly valuable piece that you can call your own, so you start researching what makes a truly good tea bowl and begin to explore buying tea bowls with higher prices.

You begin to accumulate more and more tea bowls, and each time you buy one, you tell yourself that you can't buy any more, but you can't resist buying another one the next time. However, not all tea bowls catch your eye anymore.

You no longer listen to the comments of so-called "experts" because a good tea bowl in your eyes is a good tea bowl, regardless of whether it was made by a famous or renowned artisan. Your own vision and experience guide your decisions, and you are no longer swayed by the opinions of others, even those who specialize in the craft of making Jianzhan tea bowls. Through years of practice, you have learned to recognize the aura and charm of a tea bowl, which some artisans may not be able to see. If they could see it, their skills would not be limited to their current level.

Level Three: The feeling of not being able to be without Jianzhan tea bowls.

Jianzhan tea bowls have become a part of your lifestyle. You now own many tea bowls and have also experienced touching many others.

Within the Jianzhan tea bowl community, you may have gained a certain level of fame, and your emotions are no longer as inconsistent as they were when you first started. You may have truly reached a state of harmony with the tea bowls, or you may have become a collector who can sustain your collection by selling or trading tea bowls.

Tea bowl appreciation is all about a feeling, and there are countless tea bowl enthusiasts around the world, each with their own unique perspective and appreciation for tea bowls. What is your feeling about Jianzhan tea bowls? What level have you reached in your journey of tea bowl appreciation?


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