Is Jianzhan considered an art piece? Can ordinary people afford it?

Good tea is not necessarily expensive, and expensive tea is not necessarily suitable for oneself.

     Similarly, a good Jianzhan tea bowl doesn't have to be made by a famous master, and an expensive tea bowl may not necessarily be truly suitable for oneself.

     Regardless of whether a Jianzhan tea bowl is expensive or cheap, the one that suits oneself is the good one.

     However, be sure to pay attention! When playing with Jianzhan tea bowls, don't try to be cheap.

Jianzhan tea bowls range from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, or even tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands yuan per piece.

For friends who are not familiar with Jianzhan tea bowls, it is indeed difficult to distinguish between good and bad ones. Similar shapes and patterns can make it seem like they are all the same. However, it is precisely this so-called "similarity" that actually makes a big difference. It takes time and experience in the process of selecting and playing with Jianzhan tea bowls to develop the ability to distinguish between them.

The picture shows a work by the renowned master Li Da, which is a collectible piece. For friends who are not familiar with it or just want to use it for personal purposes, the price of this piece may seem to be what is often said: "Jianzhan is so expensive! Ordinary people can't afford it!"

Collectible Jianzhan tea bowls can be expensive, but practical ones are really not that expensive.

In summary, it is best to buy Jianzhan tea bowls with the amount of money that you are willing to spend. The prerequisite is that it must be in line with your taste and you genuinely like it before making the purchase!

So expensive, so expensive, because it's good, that's why it's expensive.

In fact, Jianzhan tea bowls are expensive due to their quality.

Choosing a cheaper Jianzhan tea bowl or a high-quality one depends entirely on your choice.

Not even choosing to fall in love with Jianzhan tea bowls is still a choice you make.

Buying a Jianzhan tea bowl is a mysterious issue. Sometimes, the more expensive the tea bowl is, the less pleasing it becomes as time goes by.

A practical Jianzhan tea bowl that costs only a few hundred yuan can become more comfortable to use and more pleasing to the eye as it is used and cared for over time.

Among Jianzhan tea bowl enthusiasts, there are many "well-off" individuals who collect them one after another. For ordinary people, however, buying a Jianzhan tea bowl is mostly for practical use.

So from a practical perspective, what kind of Jianzhan tea bowl is suitable to purchase?

Naturally, the one that suits your taste and preference is the most important factor, without worrying about the price.

However, I often hear from many Jianzhan tea bowl enthusiasts who say, "I'm just a beginner and don't know much. Please recommend the cheapest one that is safe to use." Because they mostly drink ordinary tea and are not too picky about it, they may end up buying a Jianzhan tea bowl that they don't really like. But is this really saving money?

In fact, the more you compromise when buying a Jianzhan tea bowl, the less likely you are to find the one you really like. Price is certainly an important factor to consider, but it is only one of the many factors to consider. For most of us who buy Jianzhan tea bowls, other than a small group of collectors, it is mainly for drinking tea. It would be quite uncomfortable to hold and use tea ware that we don't really like all the time.

When buying a Jianzhan tea bowl, the first thing is to make sure that you are satisfied both inside and out. A tea bowl that you really like can be used for several years, or even decades if well cared for! If you can use it for so long, is the price still too expensive? In a simple and elegant environment, the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. Having a simple and serene Jianzhan tea bowl can make people feel at ease and add beauty to their lives.

The same Jianzhan tea bowl may be deeply loved by some enthusiasts, while others may feel nothing for it.

Therefore, each type of Jianzhan tea bowl has its own unique fan base.

Jianzhan tea bowls, after all, are tea ware that people can enjoy using.

There is no best Jianzhan tea bowl in the world, only the one that is most suitable for you.

Appreciating and playing with Jianzhan tea bowls can not only be practical but also allow for the pursuit of its added artistic value.

To find a good teacup, one does not need to pay a high price, but rather a calm state of mind and a serendipitous encounter with the cup.


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