Jianzhan's pore misunderstanding fully resolved.

 Jianzhan has a unique beauty that sets it apart from other ceramics.

     Its beauty does not lie in being lightweight, thin, or intricately decorated. Its beauty lies in its grandeur, simplicity, and depth. In an unassuming way, it embodies a natural beauty that is ingeniously crafted.

     Its beauty is not superficial but rather deep within, with glaze colors shining like stars, as if traveling through the universe...

The pores on Jianzhan are formed by the precipitation of iron from the embryo body at high temperatures. The addition of oil and firewood to the kiln produces carbon monoxide, which causes the precipitated iron to transform into small spots that gradually aggregate and form into larger spots.

The pores are left by the precipitated iron and are essentially the product of the skin's breathing. It is difficult to avoid having them to some extent. As for the price of Jianzhan, it depends on various factors and can vary widely.

Therefore, Jianzhan having pores is a normal phenomenon.

Pores are not a defect, as the craftsmanship of Jianzhan determines that pores will appear in the finished product.

Because the main raw material used for the embryo of Jianzhan is clay with a high iron content, not kaolin used by other ceramics, even if the glaze is well vitrified, it cannot completely eliminate the pores. Craftsmen from ancient times to the present have been unable to do so.

Although the pores on Jianzhan cannot be completely avoided, craftsmen can make them smaller in size and fewer in number.

For example, in Jianzhan with well-vitrified glaze, the phenomenon of pores is usually improved, and the presence of pores does not affect the integrity of the glaze and daily use.

There are many small pores contained within the embryo of Jianzhan, which is very conducive to keeping the tea soup warm, and can also effectively soften the water quality and enhance the aroma of the tea.

So the question is, how does Jianzhan achieve these effects?

Jianzhan, although appearing to be a simple small bowl, has special functional designs from the initial design to the final production. Therefore, when drinking tea with Jianzhan, it can maintain the temperature of the tea soup for a long time and also increase the alkalinity of the tea soup, thereby better enhancing the aroma of the tea.

As for softening the water quality, there are currently several different opinions, but personally, the most reliable one is that the pore rate of the glaze on Jianzhan determines its function in improving water quality.

The pores can adsorb calcium and magnesium particles, reducing the hardness of the water and making it soft and mellow. Also, Jianzhan has a good preservation effect, which can effectively prevent spoilage.

When firing celadon and white porcelain, a significant amount of flux material is added according to the intended use. In addition, the mixture is carefully formulated to achieve the desired properties.

The raw materials used in Fang kiln also generate less gas during the firing process.

This results in fewer voids after firing, with sufficient glass phase material to fill the space, resulting in fewer pores in the finished product. This type of ceramic, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, is known as porcelain.

Jianzhan is fired differently from celadon and white porcelain, without adding a significant amount of flux material. Therefore, the glaze surface of Jianzhan will not be as smooth and flat as that of celadon and white porcelain. Instead, Jianzhan will have some small pores, also known as pinholes.

Finally, let's discuss the benefits of using Jianzhan for the human body.

As we all know, Jianzhan's glaze contains a high level of iron, and during use, it releases divalent iron ions, which can adsorb chloride ions in water and make it easier for the human body to absorb.

Iron is an essential trace element for the human body, and as a result, using Jianzhan can effectively prevent anemia and other related health issues.

The ingredients contained in Jianzhan each play their own role, not only preventing some diseases, but also effectively sterilizing, enhancing taste, and so on.

Therefore, people often misunderstand that Jianzhan with pores is not good enough or that it is a defect, which is based on a lack of understanding of Jianzhan. Today we finally set the record straight and give it a fair assessment, so let this misconception melt away like ice!


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