L collect Yixing teapots because I lack the element of earth in my five-element theory

Collecting Yixing teapots can be addictive, and almost every collector would agree with this. However, the reasons for this addiction may be difficult to explain. So, what exactly are we collecting when it comes to Yixing teapots? And what drives us to become so obsessed with them? Today, let's explore some interesting reasons for this phenomenon and see if any of them resonate with you.

The most whimsical answer: "Because I want to show off!"

     Just satisfying my own vanity, pairing good tea with good teaware, it's so cool!

Drinking tea with Yixing teapots is considered more tasteful.

     When I see others have it, I feel like I must have it too. It's that simple!

     The simplest answer: "Because tea tastes better in them!"

      Yixing teapots can reduce the hardness of water, making it softer and smoother, enhancing the taste of tea.

       I drink Gongfu tea, and Yixing teapots are essential.

Yixing teapots have a thick body and can keep tea hot for a long time, making it difficult to become cold. Additionally, they have good preservation effects, which can effectively prevent the tea from going bad.

      The most artistic answer: "It can cultivate one's character and nourish one's mind!"

      Holding a Yixing teapot in your hand can warm your heart and lungs, relieve stress, and relax your body and mind.

       The process of carefully maintaining and preserving Yixing teapots is also a way to cultivate oneself and achieve inner peace.

       As one collects and enjoys Yixing teapots, they may find that their mind becomes less restless, and they become more peaceful and calm, experiencing a sense of tranquility.

       The most nonsensical answer: "Because I lack the element of earth in my five-element theory!"

       The fortune teller said that I lack the element of earth in my five-element theory, so I should buy more Yixing teapots.

        I have been investing in the stock market recently, and using a purple clay Yixing teapot can make my stocks turn "purple" with profit.

        Yixing teapots are said to have "purple qi coming from the east," which symbolizes good fortune and blessings. So, I collect them for their auspicious meaning.

        The most arrogant answer: "Because I have money and free time!"

        I like to keep myself occupied, and drinking tea and collecting Yixing teapots is a great way to do that.

         I have some extra money, and I choose to invest in Yixing teapots because they are not only enjoyable to collect but can also appreciate in value, or at the very least, hold their value.

         When I am alone, playing with Yixing teapots and thinking about things helps me sort out my thoughts. It is incredibly effective.

   The most purpose-driven answer: "I collect Yixing teapots to witness their transformation over time and eventually achieve a rainbow-like patina."

    I enjoy the process of watching Yixing teapots gradually become warm and imbued with a sense of humanity over time.

     Yixing teapots gradually integrate with the polishing of time and my emotions, becoming one with me.

     Each person's collection of Yixing teapots is unique, and only by experiencing it personally can one truly understand its essence. It's quite magical.

     The most irrefutable answer: "Just because I like it!"

     There's nothing more to it, I just like it.

     I came across Yixing teapots by chance, and I just fell in love with them.

     There's no need for a reason to enjoy collecting Yixing teapots, but if I had to give one, it would be the feeling it gives me.

     That's right, there's no need for a reason to fall in love with Yixing teapots, it's just a matter of liking them.

     The greatest value of Yixing teapots is that they are a tool for the minimalist lifestyle we aspire to, and an essential item for a peaceful life. In this ever-changing era, they remind us to cherish the people around us, to cultivate tranquility, and to reduce restlessness.

     Yixing teapots are made by hand, with a natural and effortless appearance. The clay used in the potting process has a high iron content, giving it a thick and heavy texture, and is known as "iron body." This makes the whole teapot look solid and stable. The simplicity of the black glaze contrasts with the complexity of kiln variation, revealing an aesthetic taste that is harmonious, natural, and profound. The beauty of Yixing teapots lies in their simplicity and rusticity, which naturally aligns with the Zen state of mind, showcasing the successful fusion of elegance and practicality, as well as artistry and simplicity.

    After being buried for over 800 years, Yixing teapots have been rediscovered, and the kilns have been reignited, restoring their former glory step by step. Each step reminds us that this "pearl in the porcelain jar" has returned. This is not only the good fortune of Yixing teapots but also our good fortune. Although Yixing teapots may lack the delicacy of celadon or the sophistication of white porcelain, and despite the many choices for tea ware, I only love Yixing teapots!

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