Why did we embark on the journey of Jianzhan appreciation?

 Drinking tea is the beginning of observing one's character, and playing with Jianzhan is the process of observing human nature. Some people give up playing with Jianzhan in less than a month, while others have been playing with it for several years or even decades. Some say that playing with Jianzhan is a waste of time, but there are still people who find it fascinating. What is the charm of playing with Jianzhan?

  1. "Because tea is delicious!"

Jianzhan is first and foremost a practical tool, and its most important function is, of course, for tea tasting. The benefits of using Jianzhan for tea tasting include: the tea liquor is much softer and the tea aroma is enhanced. The temperature of the tea liquor can be maintained for a long time, ensuring the taste of the tea liquor.

  1. "Because of the illustrious history of Jianzhan!"

Emperor and artist of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Ji, also known as Huizong, was extremely passionate about tea. He not only wrote tea poems and painted tea art, but also called on "people from all over the world to strive for purity and pursue the pleasure of leisurely pursuits, which can be as precious as jade and as melodious as gold when sipping tea. Even those of lower status in society are not ashamed to collect tea and compete for the finest tea utensils. This can be regarded as the prevailing sentiment of a prosperous era." He even wrote a book on tea called "The Classic of Tea" as an emperor.

  1. "Because of the collectible value!"

Jianzhan collection has always been classified under ceramics, but in recent years, with the rise of Jianzhan popularity, it has evolved into an independent category of art collection.

  1. "Because of the investment value of Jianzhan!"

Playing with and collecting Jianzhan is not only a way to inherit and cherish the art of Jianzhan, but also a form of investment. As time goes by, the value of the Jianzhan you collect will continue to rise, which not only affirms and tests your "eye" and level of appreciation and judgment, but also allows you to enjoy tangible material benefits and economic benefits. Perhaps this is another charm of Jianzhan that makes people so fond of it.

  1. "Because it can cultivate one's mind and spirit!"

The process of taking care of Jianzhan is a long and gradual one, and it is also a process of self-reflection. Playing with and appreciating Jianzhan can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to people. It can help to reduce the desire for fame and fortune. People may prefer to invite some fellow tea enthusiasts to play with Jianzhan and drink tea together.

  1. "Because we simply like it!"

Falling in love with tea and playing with Jianzhan is a natural thing. No matter what happens, you can feel satisfied by looking at your Jianzhan. When you see an acquaintance playing with Jianzhan, you must come over and take a look, and maybe even comment on it. If you see a stranger playing with Jianzhan, you may feel the urge to strike up a conversation: "Hey buddy, I have to say, your Jianzhan is really nice..." Wu Li's Jianzhan prices.

After playing with Jianzhan, many Jianzhan enthusiasts feel like they have become a different person. Not only has their taste been elevated, but their mentality has also become younger, and they have become more patient and tolerant. They are more careful than before, afraid of knocking or bumping the Jianzhan, and even more afraid of dropping it. It can be said that they are more careful with their Jianzhan than they are with their own children.

Instead of gathering to drink alcohol, people now gather to drink tea and chat. During festivals and holidays, they give Jianzhan as gifts. With their own hobbies and interests, they no longer suffer from back pain or leg pain, and they don't feel tired even after visiting Jianzhan shops in tea cities several times.

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