"4 Jianzhan Tea Bowl Types Every Tea Enthusiast Should Know in 5 Minutes"

Among the porcelain of the Song Dynasty, the black glazed Jianzhan teacup is highly regarded. In Japan, four Jianzhan teacups are even designated as national treasures. The Japanese appreciate the mystical and ever-changing appearance of Jianzhan teacups, pursuing a sense of depth and emptiness reminiscent of the night sky and darkness. As Jianzhan teacups become increasingly popular, many tea enthusiasts are not aware that they are classified into four levels: utility teacups, craft teacups, master teacups, and art teacups. Regardless of their classification, each teacup is unique and deserves our appreciation and care.

  1. Utility teacups

        Craft teacups are strictly crafted using traditional Jianzhan firing techniques, without any flaws, with a well-proportioned and pleasing shape. They can be entirely handmade, semi-handmade, or machine-pressed. The thick body of the teacup is perfect for drinking tea, and the longer it is used, the more it develops a unique flavor.

      This type of teacup is not expensive, and is suitable for mass consumption. The signature or brand may not be well-known, or the author may not have a significant reputation. However, it is important to note that a future Jianzhan master may be hidden among these teacups. In that case, this teacup may appreciate in value as an early work of the master. However, since it is primarily a utility teacup, it is not advisable to expect too much appreciation. Even if the author becomes a master in the future, the price may not be astonishingly high, as it is not a mature work or a classic piece.

  1. Craft lamp.

This type of lamp is both decorative and practical, and is an economical and practical work of art. It is finely crafted and of exquisite appearance.

The craft strictly follows the ancient technique of Jianzhan firing, with no flaws in the craftsmanship. The arc lines of the vessel are round and smooth, and the piece is entirely handmade. The distribution of patterns is uniform and the crystal is lively. The authors of this type of vessel are generally well-known in the Jianzhan industry, and these vessels are their masterpieces. The price is generally higher, but it is acceptable for Jianzhan enthusiasts and is worth collecting and playing with. If you purchase this type of vessel, it means that you have entered the ranks of high-end Jianzhan enthusiasts.

  1. Famous Teacher's Lamp

As the name suggests, this type of "zhan" (a type of traditional Chinese teacup) is the work of a master potter. Whether in terms of shape or patterns, they are considered to be perfect. There are few famous masters, and even fewer of their top-quality products, making them very precious.

The production of this type of "zhan" strictly follows the traditional craft of making "jianzhan" (a type of Chinese teacup), and is created by a renowned master potter as their top-quality work. Such "zhan" are priced very high, and are generally considered to be for appreciation rather than personal collection, with high value for collectors. If you have extra funds, collecting these "zhan" can be a good investment. However, when purchasing, it is important to consider your financial situation and not let the desire for collecting affect your family harmony.

  1. Artistic "Zhan" (a type of Chinese teacup)

The top works of masters or complete and top-quality old "zhan" from the Song Dynasty can all be considered as the divine products of "jianzhan". The quantity of these divine products is extremely rare, and they are generally stored in large museums at home and abroad, or in the hands of the divine product's creators, their relatives, or disciples. A very small number of them end up in the hands of major collectors. If they enter auctions, each one of them commands astronomical prices. Recently, Sotheby's in New York auctioned a Song Dynasty "jianzhan" for 78 million dollars, and a "New Jianyao Yaoke Tianmu Jianzhan" created by Lu Jinxiong was sold for 1.127 million yuan, both of which belong to this category.


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