Jianzhan teacup: Can it soften water quality while drinking tea?

In daily life, we usually use the term "hardness" to indicate the content of calcium and magnesium ions in water.

Softening water quality refers to the removal of this hardness.

Generally speaking, there are the following methods:

  1. Boiling method: can only remove temporary hardness.
  2. Chemical softening method: There are many methods, and the more economical one is the lime-soda process.
  3. Distillation method: only suitable for preparing small amounts of special water without Ca2+ and Mg2+.
  4. Ion exchange method: is currently a commonly used method.
  5. Electrodialysis method: used for desalination of seawater and brackish water, and purification of natural water.

From this, it can be seen that special methods are needed to soften water quality, and it is not that simple.

So, can using a Jianzhan teacup really soften the water when drinking?


Due to the significant increase in popularity of Jianzhan teacups in recent years, many tea lovers who enjoy drinking tea are particularly fond of using Jianzhan teacups.

As for the benefits of using Jianzhan teacups for drinking tea, many people can feel that the teacup body is slightly thick and can hold hot tea without scalding the hands.

However, regarding the claim that "using a Jianzhan teacup can soften the water when drinking tea," many people believe that it is more of a psychological effect than an actual effect.

In addition, softened water is actually tasteless and lacks the refreshing taste that mineral water has.

To distinguish the taste differences, three different types of porcelain were used: Jianzhan, Jun porcelain, and white porcelain.

However, in the comparison of the three, the overall taste of the tea is similar. Upon careful tasting, the Jianzhan teacup does have a softer taste compared to the other two.


Speaking of taste, many factors are due to the varying sensitivity of people's taste and tactile senses, so some differences may exist in individual perception. This is actually difficult to express in words.

Therefore, the statement "using different cups to drink tea feels different in water quality" may also be a deceptive illusion, mainly due to the tactile sensation of the lips on the cup rim.

Whether Jianzhan teacups can soften water quality is not easy to demonstrate through tea drinking, but there is indeed a significant change in taste.

Tea tasting provides people with material enjoyment and spiritual pleasure. The taste of tea cups is like life, which is tempered by a thousand hardships and trials.

After the bitterness, it becomes clearer and the past becomes tasteless, but there is an understanding left behind.

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