Experienced Jianzhan enthusiasts share 10 key tips to avoid deception.

I think that when many people first come into contact with Jianzhan or learn about Jianzhan, it is mostly because of their interest in drinking tea.

Perhaps at that time, they might think that using Jianzhan to drink tea will make the tea experience more enjoyable.

Therefore, tea is always the top priority, and Jianzhan, as a tea utensil, doesn't seem to be that important!

Then, with this mindset, they embark on the journey of searching for Jianzhan.

However, in fact, there have been many discussions about the considerations when buying Jianzhan before. The following ten key points are summarized by a Jianzhan enthusiast who has been buying Jianzhan for many years, and can serve as a reference for everyone.

  1. Before buying Jianzhan, first understand your own purpose for buying it.

        For example, whether it is for gifting or personal use, for daily tea drinking or as a collection, etc. If it is for personal use, the shape and pattern of the Jianzhan must be chosen based on personal preference. Do not choose based on what is currently popular. It is important to choose what one likes to avoid regrets later on.

  1. Always look at the work first, regardless of the fame or professional title of the Jianzhan craftsman. The work is the most important factor.

For example, observe the clay, glaze, pattern effects, iridescence effects, etc. Even if the craftsman has a great reputation, if the work is not good, the reputation is meaningless. However, if the work is good and the reputation is great, it doesn't get any better than that.

But, the price may not be easy on your wallet either.

  1. Both new and old Jianzhan have a distinction between high-quality and low-quality products.

The quality of the Jianzhan should be assessed based on the workmanship, not just the bottom mark. After all, there are too many fake old Jianzhan in the market. Be vigilant and keep your eyes open. As for new Jianzhan, there is a significant price difference between low-quality and high-quality products. Remember the saying, "you get what you pay for, there is no unreasonably expensive or unreasonably cheap product!"

  1. The 8 principles of examining Jianzhan:
  2. Shape; 2. Pattern; 3. Clay; 4. Glaze; 5. Iridescence; 6. Bottom mark; 7. Spirit or aura; 8. Price.
  3. We generally learn about Jianzhan knowledge from the internet and forums (e.g. like now). However, the internet is full of mixed information, including many false statements and distorted views, which can mislead beginners (ps: I swear I am not that kind of editor).

Therefore, for those who want to delve deeper into Jianzhan, it is also recommended to buy some authoritative books on the subject. By studying, playing, and appreciating Jianzhan in daily life, one can continuously improve their theoretical knowledge and appreciation skills, and save themselves from making costly mistakes and taking unnecessary detours.

  1. Even if the same craftsman uses the same raw materials and firing methods, the price of each Jianzhan may vary. If you are not sure, it is better to ask more questions and not let shyness get in the way.
  2. There are two charming aspects of Jianzhan: one is the "kiln change" during firing, and the other is the "tea change" during use.

The ultimate realm for Jianzhan lovers is to nourish their spirit and cultivate their character, where the quality of the Jianzhan reflects the quality of the person.

  1. Look at and handle real Jianzhan more, as practice is the criterion for testing truth. Only in this way can one be confident when buying and using Jianzhan.
  2. Regarding Jianzhan, one should have their own viewpoint and understanding, and not always follow in the footsteps of others. Of course, if you are a beginner, you should still learn and ask more, and eventually form your own viewpoint!
  3. Patiently brew and nurture your beloved Jianzhan, and appreciate its charming changes. The value of Jianzhan is determined by the quality of its craftsmanship. When buying Jianzhan, first choose the one you like, and then consider the price. If you like it, it is invaluable and worth as much as you think it is, no need for further explanation.


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