Only by doing so can we become "Jianzhan experts".

Don't be restless or impatient.

Jianzhan teacups are made for tea and are often enjoyed while sipping tea. Therefore, it is important to first find a quiet and comfortable environment for tea tasting, as a good environment can help calm the mind. Restlessness and impatience will not lead to a good cup of tea, nor will they allow one to appreciate the true charm of the Jianzhan teacup.

Enjoy it with friends.

It's good to have three or four friends who understand and appreciate Jianzhan teacups to enjoy them together. In your free time, exchange knowledge and learn more about Jianzhan teacups with your friends, and share and appreciate your favorite teacups together. Often, it is through such interactions with others that one's ability to appreciate Jianzhan teacups is improved.

Play with and appreciate them more.

If you feel that your knowledge of Jianzhan teacups is still limited, take some time to visit various Jianzhan teacup tasting shops with your family or friends. Don't focus on buying a lot of teacups, but rather on sharing a pot of tea with the "experts" who know about Jianzhan, and then comparing and appreciating the teacups in the store from ordinary to exquisite to top-of-the-line, experiencing the saying "you get what you pay for" and "looks similar, but differences are significant upon closer inspection" that apply to Jianzhan teacups.

Hobbies and interests come first.

Don't always expect to learn everything overnight. Although recognizing and appreciating Jianzhan teacups may only take a few minutes for experienced players, they have spent countless hours comparing and playing with many Jianzhan teacups, and learning professional knowledge about them. However, as long as you truly love Jianzhan teacups and are willing to learn about them, I believe it won't take too long to become a "teacup expert". Everything starts with hobbies and interests.

Have your own opinion.

After spending some time with Jianzhan teacups, it's important to form your own opinion. Your preference for glaze colors or the distribution of patterns is based on your own aesthetic sense and personal choices. If you truly love a particular teacup, you should not be swayed by others' opinions, because everyone's aesthetic sense is different.

Jianzhan knowledge should be thoroughly understood.

Try to thoroughly understand the knowledge of Jianzhan teacups. From the rise and fall of Jianzhan to its cultural connotations, from the variety of teacup shapes to the types of patterns and the effects of Jianzhan's iridescence, as well as the pricing system, we should strive to learn about everything. Don't just focus on one particular type of teacup, such as the "rabbit hair" or "oil drop" pattern, as this will lead to a limited understanding of Jianzhan teacups.

Theory must be combined with practice.

Combining theory with practice, strive to make this hobby more professional. Learning only theoretical knowledge is not enough, and it's important to compare and play with different Jianzhan teacups. It's also not advisable to buy teacups without understanding the theoretical knowledge first, as it may result in a costly learning experience. Of course, this is with the exception of having a "master" to guide and accompany you.

The key to tea tasting and teacup appreciation is whether you are happy in the moment. You learn because you love it, and become an expert because you study. While you are young, learn how to appreciate tea and teacups, otherwise, when you are older, you may feel lonely without this hobby.


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