One mountain, one river, one bright moon; one teacup, one tea, one old man.

People who love drinking tea will make themselves happy.

When drinking tea, they pursue their own taste,

Choosing their favorite Jianzhan teacups.

The simple little pleasures in life

Are all created unintentionally in a romantic way.

One cup of tea,

regardless of status or wealth, fame or power, rural or urban,

everyone can hold a cup of fragrant tea during leisure time,

watching the flowers bloom and wither in the courtyard, admiring the clouds rolling and dispersing in the sky,

chatting about everyday life and discussing history and current events.

The delicate and slow-brewed tea, or the rough and hearty cup of tea,

both add a touch of elegance to our lives,

infusing it with a light fragrance.

People who love drinking tea keep the principle of "knowing two things" in mind.

Knowing: Deeply understanding the ways of the world,

but remaining pure and unadulterated like clear tea;

Contentment: Pursuing inner satisfaction,

only then can we hold the next cup of tea with anticipation.

Being someone who knows the rules but is not bound by them,

and being satisfied with one's desires.

Growing flowers is actually about cultivating roots, raising fish is actually about nurturing water,

and drinking tea is actually about nurturing the heart.

When drinking tea, don't think about anything, don't say anything,

don't even have the intention of drinking tea.

Focus your mind and body on the tea, slowly savoring each sip,

not paying attention to the bitterness or sweetness of the tea.

The clearer your mind, the more refreshing and fragrant the tea will taste.

All relationships in the world have a predetermined fate.

Those who have feelings may not necessarily have fate, and those who have fate may not necessarily have feelings.

Only by going with the flow can we find peace and enlightenment.

Drinking tea purifies the heart, making it clear like a mirror.

As long as one can see oneself clearly,

one can discern the impermanence of the world.

When feeling lost or confused, there is no need to panic.

Calmly meditate and tomorrow will come as scheduled.

Rising and falling, all from within the heart,

Leaving only purity in this world.

People who love drinking tea understand the greatness of nature.

They treat every tea leaf with care,

Respecting the gifts of nature,

And valuing the diversity of life.

People who love drinking tea have free souls.

The world is complex,

But the heart of tea is pure.

In this fleeting life, they seek a cup of tea, a taste, and a clarity,

Going with the flow without exceeding the boundaries.

Life is short, like a dream of Zhuangzi's.

If we are frivolous in the present,

we will never experience the aroma of ripe rice in the valley.

Right now, in this moment,

play with a good teacup for a lifetime,

savor good tea for a lifetime,

don't waste this precious time.


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