Choose the lantern you like, and let others talk about it.

Often, those of us who love lanterns may encounter the following two situations:

  1. After saving up for a long time, we finally got our beloved lantern. Just as we were admiring it and carefully examining it, a friend beside us comments, "You spent so much money just to buy a cup? Are you crazy?"
  2. Some friends around us have a low opinion of the lantern we use, thinking that it's not good, cheap, without any reputation, and lacking in texture... So every time we use this lantern in front of them, we always do so hesitantly, and we dare not express our preferences to our friends. We praise every lantern that they bring out, just in case someone says we don't understand lanterns.

Have you ever encountered the situations described above as a lantern lover? In fact, drinking tea and enjoying lanterns is a free and joyful activity. Why should there be so many concerns? In fact, as long as your mindset changes or is not right, using any type of lantern will not be right.

One. Whether a lantern is good or bad, don't impose your own views on others.

What standard should be used to measure the quality of a Jianzhan? Appearance? Price? Size? It seems that everyone values a different aspect, after all, everyone's aesthetics and preferences are different.

In fact, we often encounter a type of person on the tea table: they keep boasting about which famous person their lantern was made by and how expensive it is. Then, they will look down on other people's lanterns with disdain, with a smug expression on their face.

In fact, when encountering such people, the best thing to do is to just smile and watch them perform. If possible, find an excuse to leave. Whether a lantern is good or bad depends entirely on the user's own preferences, and one should never impose their views on others.

For ourselves, we need to be aware that our love for lanterns and our choice of lanterns is our own business, and there is no need to choose a Jianzhan that we don't like just to conform to others' opinions. We should never give up what we love just because others do not appreciate it. Remember, if we like it, then it is priceless, and we shouldn't care about what others say.

Two.Playing with lanterns, maintaining a correct mindset.

Playing with lanterns is just a matter of liking them. Many things are "about fun, not about reason," and my interests are more able to captivate me than any reasoning. Everything is born out of love, and drinking tea and playing with lanterns in moderation can make my heart more quiet, pure, and stable. Tea can eliminate restlessness and cleanse the body, giving me a calm and lasting energy; lanterns can cultivate sentiment and instantly calm a restless heart, enhancing my quality of life.

Using the lantern that we like, we don't need to explain ourselves to those who don't understand. A cup of tea in a beloved lantern can bring peace to one's mind and leave a pleasant aftertaste. Playing with lanterns is pure and brings us health and happiness. There is no need for so many rules or comparisons. Always remember that we are playing with Jianzhan, not with a sense of superiority.

Each lantern has a different price, but Jianzhan itself has no distinction of being expensive or cheap. We should be more tolerant and less concerned about the price. We should choose what we love and not care about what others say. After playing with lanterns for a while, we will know which Jianzhan we are most fond of and which have the most charming taste. It may not be the most expensive lantern that we encounter each time, but it is certainly the most suitable one.

Why not invite three or five good friends, brew some tea, set up a tea table with lanterns, and have a sip during a casual chat? Who can say that we don't understand tea or lanterns? In fact, whether we understand or not is not important anymore.


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