Playing with lanterns makes me become this kind of person.

The practical value of Jianzhan has improved our quality of life, the health value of Jianzhan has improved our health level, and the cultural value of Jianzhan has improved our personal charm. In fact, when you start using Jianzhan to drink tea, your body undergoes changes from the inside out, but you may not have noticed it yourself.

  1. Start an endless cycle of buying.

      When we see a Jianzhan that we like, we want to own it and can't stop buying. Sometimes, even though we know we should play with lanterns within our means, we can't control our impulse to buy. From the day we started playing with lanterns, we said goodbye to our secret savings. We are now living a simple and honest life with "clean sleeves and a clear conscience".

  1. Can't help but strike up a conversation whenever we see someone using a Jianzhan.

If we see someone we know using a Jianzhan, we can't help but take it and examine it carefully, and then give our own evaluation of the lantern. If we see a stranger playing with a lantern, we also can't help but strike up a conversation and enjoy the lantern together while giving our evaluation.

  1. Wherever we go, the lantern goes with us.

After using a Jianzhan to drink tea, whenever we have a moment, we will carefully brew two pots of tea and enjoy our beloved Jianzhan while drinking tea. Even when we go out, whether on a business trip or on vacation, we will always bring our favorite lantern with us and use it to taste the local tea wherever we go.

  1. Jianzhan is the preferred choice for giving and receiving gifts.

Since falling in love with Jianzhan, when others give gifts, the preferred choice is Jianzhan. Of course, if a friend has a birthday or there is a holiday, we will also choose Jianzhan as a gift. Because we know that Jianzhan is a cultural and healthy item, giving Jianzhan not only shows high-end taste, but also gives the gift of health and style. Moreover, we are also promoting Jianzhan by giving it as a gift.

  1. Like to let people guess the price.

After buying a Jianzhan, when we meet our friends, we always ask them to guess the price. If they guess high, we feel particularly happy, but if they guess low, we may think, "Do you even understand Jianzhan?" Although many people enjoy doing this, the fact remains that a Jianzhan is priceless if we love it.

  1. Feel like a whole new person since starting to play with lanterns.

After playing with lanterns, I feel like a whole new person. I spend less time going to KTV or playing cards, and whenever I have a moment, I want to slow down and admire my precious lantern while enjoying life. After each tea tasting, I will carefully clean and wipe my beloved Jianzhan, and the tenderness and thoughtfulness that goes into it is enchanting. Since I have my own hobby, I no longer feel back pain or leg pain, and I don't feel tired even after visiting tea cities multiple times.

Once immersed in the sea of lanterns, I do not wish to wake up in this lifetime! Perhaps, this is the true joy of playing with lanterns.

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