"Jianzhan Collectors: 3 Critical Cautions to Keep in Mind"

It's not easy to come across a beloved Jianzhan cup, so how should one take care of it at home to ensure its protection?.

For those new to collecting Jianzhan cups, it's especially important to pay attention to the following three points:

  1. Avoid dropping the cup.

        Jianzhan cups are porcelain and porcelain is fragile.

        When Jianzhan cups are not in use, they should be placed out of reach of children. If they are placed in a high location, attention should be paid to safety to prevent them from falling. When handling cups with sweaty hands, it is recommended to wear gloves.

         The most basic way to protect Jianzhan cups is to prevent them from being dropped. If the cup is accidentally dropped and broken, it will be too late to regret it.

  1. Avoid getting the cup oily or dirty.

Jianzhan cups are tea vessels that are sensitive to oil and dirt. If the cup is accidentally stained with oil, it may affect the taste of the tea and leave an oily residue.

In addition, there are many small pores on the surface of the Jianzhan cup, much like the pores on the human body that allow for breathing. These pores have strong adsorption ability, and once contaminated, they will definitely affect the effect of "yun" (the patina that accumulates on the surface of Jianzhan cups over time).

Simply put, it's best to avoid bringing Jianzhan cups to greasy places.

  1. Avoid damaging the cup while cleaning it.

Jianzhan cups can be cleaned with toothpaste, but be sure to avoid using detergents with strong degreasing ability or heavy chemical components. Many cleaning products contain asphalt and other ingredients as cleaning agents, which can cause great harm. Alternatively, the cup can be soaked in vinegar for a period of time before rinsing it with water.

If you're concerned that water alone won't clean the cup thoroughly, you can use a cleaning cloth to wipe it. However, be sure not to use steel wool, as it can scratch the surface of the Jianzhan cup due to its abrasive nature.

Objects have emotions, and they can bring warmth without sound. When it comes to collecting Jianzhan cups, it's important to prioritize your interest and passion while staying true to your original intentions.

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