Two points worth noting in caring for Jianzhan teacups.

Caring for teacups is a pursuit of a refined lifestyle.

Caring for teacups is not something that can be accomplished overnight, but rather a long-term and meticulous process.

Caring for teacups requires a dedicated effort to appreciate every detail and to enjoy the process.

During leisure time, adding a touch of elegance to the mundane and busy life.

During times of dissatisfaction, it is also a "good medicine" to comfort oneself mentally.

I believe many teacup enthusiasts want to know how to care for their new Jianzhan teacup or what they should pay attention to from the moment they receive it.

In fact, unlike Yixing teapots, Jianzhan teacups do not require a special seasoning process. After cleaning with hot water, the new Jianzhan teacup is ready for use.

Of course, if you want to be more meticulous, you can also boil or brew tea in the teacup, and then clean it thoroughly inside and out, removing any remaining sand particles and using brewed tea leaves to wipe it clean.

There are many opinions on caring for teacups online, but we will highlight two points that are worth noting.


Although Jianzhan teacups can be used for any type of tea, it is recommended to match the teacup to the tea color. Here's how to go about it:

For example, Wuyi Rock tea, black tea, and Pu'er tea, which have similar colors, can be used in the same teacup.

Similarly, Tie Guan Yin and Longjing tea can be mixed without any problems.

However, if teacups are randomly mixed and used for different types of tea for an extended period, they may become matte and lose their luster.

If you want to quickly develop the so-called "seven-color luster," it is recommended to use teacups such as oil droplets.

Because rabbit hair teacups generally have a strong bowl shape, it is difficult for tea soup to penetrate them, while oil droplet teacups have a different pattern, making them more suitable for achieving the "seven-color luster" quickly. Therefore, for those who want to achieve it quickly, it is recommended to use oil droplet teacups.

As for what color can be developed, it is up to time to tell.

Drinking tea can cultivate one's mind and temperament, while caring for teacups is a subconscious action that occurs during the tea-drinking process.

After the vicissitudes of history, after the changing of the sea and the return of the mulberry fields, China has gradually moved towards rejuvenation after experiencing a century of humiliation. Jianzhan teacup, this phoenix that has undergone rebirth through fire, is a symbol of this rebirth.


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