"Three things you may be missing before becoming an expert in tea brewing."

"Before we begin our topic, I want to make a statement about my attitude. Just like in the process of making teaware, while the result is important, we should not give up the enjoyment of the process in pursuit of a so-called 'colorful light.' As we have mentioned before, the process of teaware maintenance is also a process of self-care, and it is equally important to enjoy the process. Now let's get into the topic. If you are having trouble maintaining your Jianzhan teacup, you may have overlooked these three points!"

One.Being too impatient.

        "Teaware maintenance requires patience, otherwise you may end up with half the result for twice the effort. For example, some people like to ianzhan teacup clean and leaving it in tea water for a long time. This will only 'harm' your precious Jianzhan teacup. Over time, the glaze surface of the teacup will become dry and dull, and the crystalline particles will gradually become dim. In the end, you may have to ask around for ways to remove tea stains from your Jianzhan teacup."

        A teaware enthusiast sent a message asking, "Can I not use my Jianzhan teacup and still maintain it?" The answer is definitely no. We need to regularly use and appreciate our beloved teacups one by one. By carefully selecting different fragrant teas and using water at different temperatures, we can nourish the spirit of the teacup.

        In short, we need to be attentive and appreciate every detail of teaware maintenance. For example, we should clean our teacups promptly after each use, preferably with a dedicated tea towel, and even play with them when we're not drinking tea. Over time, not only will the Jianzhan teacup gradually develop a "human touch," but maybe one day it will surprise you with a "colorful light."

        Therefore, there is no need to rush when it comes to teaware maintenance. As long as we use our teacups frequently and maintain them properly, the "colorful light" is not so mysterious or distant after all.

Two.The issue of choosing teacups.

To cultivate a dazzling "colorful light," there is one step that cannot be skipped, which is the selection of Jianzhan teacups.

There is a saying online that claims that the vast majority of "rabbit fur" and some "oil droplet" Jianzhan teacups cannot produce the "colorful light" effect. However, in the eyes of the Jianzhan teacup experts, these types of teacups are not easy to maintain and are not easy to produce the colorful light effect, but it does not mean that they cannot produce it at all. Generally speaking, the teacups that have formed a vitrified protective layer and have a good mirror effect are more difficult to produce the "colorful light" effect. Therefore, if the Jianzhan teacup you choose to begin with is not easy to produce the colorful light effect or cannot produce it at all, even if you take great care during the teaware maintenance process, it will still be difficult to achieve that effect. However, over time, the teacup will become more smooth and full of spirit.



So, the question is: what kind of Jianzhan teacups are more likely to produce the colorful light effect? We can choose teacups with moderate vitrification. Teacups with weak vitrification or dried out during firing cannot produce the colorful light effect, and over time, they may even turn rusty. On the other hand, teacups with excessive vitrification will absorb tea soup slowly and are more difficult to maintain. We should choose teacups with active crystalline particles, which can be felt by hand as uneven glaze surfaces and observed under a magnifying glass with more visible crystalline particles.

  • The issue of dirty Jianzhan teacups.

          Some teaware enthusiasts believe that not washing Jianzhan teacups after use or even leaving the teacups in tea soup can make them more likely to produce the colorful light effect. In fact, this is a big mistake. After each use, the teacup should not have any remaining tea, and instead, it should be kept clean to properly maintain it.

          Although Jianzhan teacups have the function of preserving freshness and preventing corrosion, tea left overnight can still cause significant damage to the teacup itself. Moreover, leaving tea in the teacup for a long time is unhygienic and harmful to the body.

         Therefore, it is important to use the teacup frequently for drinking tea and to keep it clean by washing and wiping it regularly. After drinking the last cup of tea each day, rinse the teacup with hot water and then clean it normally. Then, let the Jianzhan teacup dry naturally in a ventilated place. Actually, the maintenance of Jianzhan teacups is not as complicated as people think. It is just a matter of keeping the teacup clean and taking care of it with care.

        Through chatting with teaware enthusiasts, it seems that everyone is pursuing teaware maintenance. Indeed, this is one of the pleasures of drinking tea with Jianzhan teacups. However, the Jianzhan teacup expert wants to say that this is not the only pleasure, nor is it the purpose of using Jianzhan teacups. We should enjoy this process, and the "colorful light" effect is just a small surprise that Jianzhan teacups give to those who love them.



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