Collecting Jianzhan Teacups: 2 Focus Points, 5 Cautions.

Collecting Jianzhan teacups is actually very simple in terms of reasons.

Jianzhan teacups contain unique historical and cultural connotations, which is why they have significant potential for preservation and appreciation as collectibles. Those who collect Jianzhan teacups may do so out of a pure love for its culture and connotations, or as an investment opportunity. The difference between the two is that enthusiasts collect out of love and are not likely to sell easily, while pure investors prioritize returns over their love for the teacups. There are also those who both love and choose to invest in select teacups, waiting for their value to appreciate over time.

There is also a common situation where collectors who initially collect Jianzhan teacups as an investment opportunity may not have a deep understanding of the culture and charm of the teacups. However, as they continue to collect, they gradually develop an appreciation for the culture and charm of the teacups, as well as a love for tea and a fondness for a leisurely and elegant lifestyle.

To me, Jianzhan teacups are not just utensils, but also intimate friends that have accompanied me throughout my growth. As I continue to improve myself in the world of tea, the teacup also becomes more warm and pleasant. Drinking tea with it often benefits me with good tea-drinking habits.

What aspects should be paid attention to when collecting Jianzhan teacups?1. Which teacups have higher collection value?

Rarity is valued, so teacups with low production rates and high-quality craftsmanship are of higher collection value. Common teacups have a diameter between 6.5cm to 12cm. Teacups with rabbit hair, oil droplets, or black glaze have a higher production rate and are more common in the market, making their quality similar. However, teacups with a diameter of over 12cm and without defects can be considered collectibles because they require higher labor and material costs to produce and are not always successful. In general, the market is full of teacups, but the demand is strict for high-quality ones, making them rare and valuable. If a teacup is a "Yao Bian" teacup, it is even rarer and more valuable.

What kind of craftsman should be chosen?

     The production process of Jianzhan teacups has many intricacies. By gaining more knowledge on the appreciation of Jianzhan teacups and analyzing them, one can strictly control the production process and select a skilled and experienced craftsman who can create unique and valuable teacups with greater potential for development in the future. These factors directly affect the value of the craftsman's work. If collecting teacups as an art form, one may not need to be too professional. Simply choose a craftsman whose work you like and appreciate. Who knows? One day, the teacup you collect may appreciate in value.

  The Collection Value of Jianzhan Teacups.

       Any utensil is created for practical use, and Jianzhan teacups are created specifically for tea. Drinking tea from Jianzhan teacups is clean and hygienic, promoting health and wellness. This is also why Jianzhan teacups stand out from ordinary cups.

      High-quality materials and superb craftsmanship produce excellent teacups with low production rates, making them unique and rare.

      Craftsmanship creates excellent works, and every teacup is unique and irreplaceable. However, not all Jianzhan teacups have collection value. A good work often embodies the superior skills of the creator.

   Important Notes for Jianzhan Teacup Collection.

    1.Continuously learn and gain sufficient knowledge about Jianzhan teacups. This is the foundation for identification and aesthetic appreciation. Do not be lazy and rely on luck to make a bargain, which could lead to a costly lesson learned.

  1. Not all old teacups are worth collecting, so it is better to collect one old teacup that meets the criteria to be a collectible rather than accumulate a lot of "junk" teacups.
  2. If you want to encounter a teacup that you like, you must be patient and wait for fate to bring it to you.
  3. Jianzhan teacups are niche cultural products, and it takes time for them to become popular and widely accepted by the public. The appreciation of their value also requires a process. Investing in Jianzhan teacups requires patience, and collecting them is at least a way to preserve their value. When one is passionate about a certain item, it is easy to become obsessive, which can lead to irrational behavior. It is important to find a balance when collecting and investing, and to maintain a calm mindset. Rushing into things is not advisable.
  4. The teacups in a collection must be carefully stored in a safe location to avoid accidental damage from collisions or other risks.

       Utensils have emotions, warmth without sound; prioritize the interest in playing with teacups and never forget the original intentions!



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